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NEWS FLASH!!  Book Three Is HERE! 
Welcome to my page.  Tooth Fairy Day Celebration is here.  Batina and her cheerleading friends prepare to audition for a spot in the Tooth Fairy Day talent show, with hope to win the first place trophy, when they make an amazing discovery.  Will this discovery impact the day?  Do you want to find out about this amazing discovery. Scroll down to the end of this page or visit the Shop Here tab and get your copy today.  Click the Events Tab to see where I’ll be next.  Hope to see you soon!  
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My happy readers
Chanticleer Book Reviews
Chanticleer Book Reviews

Batina’s story is one of determination and teamwork…The positive message of working together and embracing diversity makes this early-level chapter book, illustrated by Gabhor Utomo, shine.

melinda book review
Melinda L.

This is a great book. I can imagine reading this book with my grandchild. It’s really a perfect book to read with your child or for your child to read. I must say that the pictures throughout the book were beautiful. I’ll have to see if there are more books by this author for my grandchildren.

Sarah Westmoreland
Readers' Favorite

Batina’s Best First Day is a skillfully written children’s story that teaches several important lessons: Always do your best, accept other people’s differences, never give up and (of course) brush your teeth!

Mamta Madhaven
Readers' Favorite

This story is adorable and whimsical, and kids will love those fairies. The illustrations are enchanting and give good pace and movement to the story, breathing life into the characters.

Kirkus Reviews

Ditto underlines the importance of well-brushed teeth from a tooth fairy’s point of view, an intriguing choice since children are generally more interested in what the collector leaves under their pillows.

Readers' Favorite

With short chapters, lots of color illustrations, an age-appealing topic and an appropriate reading level, I think Denise Ditto has nailed it.

Cassie Widjaja
Readers' Favorite

Tooth Fairy Day Celebration is a must-share, absolutely magical children’s book

Shrabastee Chakraborty
Readers' Favorite

With colorful, elegant fonts and bite-sized chapters, Tooth Fairy Day Celebration is a perfect book for a young audience.

Kirkus Review

Tooth Fairy Day Celebration is a fun series installment that’s less focused on dental hygiene and more on magical hijinks.

Chanticleer Book Reviews
Chanticleer Reviews

What happens when a tooth fairy collects a rotten tooth? Nothing sweet! Children and those who love to read to them are sure to love the second book in the Tooth Collector Fairies series and be sure to brush better as a result!

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06 Jun: Tooth Collector Fairy Blog – Trivia and Nugget

What inspired Batina’s oversized wings?  In the original short version of Batina’s Best First Day, discussed in an earlier blog post, Batina did not have any unusual characteristics.  When redeveloping the picture book to a chapter book I felt the…

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