Tooth Shaped Pillows now available from the Tooth Collector Fairies

Lost a tooth

New Product Announcement: Tooth Shaped Pillows

The Tooth Collector Fairies series is now offering “tooth shaped” pillows for sale online. Each pillow is shaped like a tooth and has a pocket on the back for placing the tooth inside. They are available for purchase directly on their website or at events author Denise Ditto Satterfield attends.

Lots of pillowsThe Tooth Collector Fairies series is made up of books, specialty items, videos, plays, and now the pillow collections. Pillows range in color from white, camouflage, animal prints, special seasonal prints, various eye and hair colors, and in square shapes, too. Each tooth shaped pillow is approximately 7 1/2 “ x 6 1/2” in size. The square shaped pillows are 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” in size. The pillows range in price from 14.95 to 19.95 and include shipping.

Author Denise states, “we added the pillow line to accompany the books and to make the Tooth Fairy’s job a little easier on mom and dad.” She continues by explaining, “When a child loses a tooth they usually put the tooth underneath their pillow expecting the Tooth Fairy to magically appear to retrieve the tooth. In the tooth’s place is supposed to be some sort of payment in exchange. What really happens, though, is either the child is easily wakened by the retrieval or they forget to tell mom and dad about the tooth in the first place. Having these pillows help solve some of these problems. Once the tooth is secure in the ‘tooth pouch,’ the child will either leave the pillow on top of their pillow or hang the pillow on a door knob. That makes it easier for the retrieval process to occur silently and helps alert the parents that the child has lost a tooth, too. That’s why parents love the pillows.”

Purchase options also include a complete set that includes the pillow of choice and the book, “Batina’s Best First Day.” By buying the book and pillow set saves about 3.00 over purchasing them separately.

To find out more about the Tooth Collector Fairies products or to purchase online, visit

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