24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Judges Batina’s Best First Day

writers digest book awards

Judge’s Commentary

Who would ever have guessed that in the land of Brushelot, just over the hill from Camelot, the tooth fairy society was so very complicated and competitive.  Our heroine Batina is just starting her illustrious career as tooth collector.  To be sure, everything that might go wrong for a young fairy did go wrong.

We are quickly introduced to a variety of friends and fairies including bad girl fairy bully Jolene who wears toothpicks in her hair.  Despite losing her precious collected tooth, Batina helps save the day with her ingenuity and pluck.

This is a chapter book directed toward readers with a bit of experience.  It offers lively illustrations and important lessons along with the fairy tale.  Batina manages to charm the bully into cooperation and offers the reader insight in dealing on her own with difficult situations.  This book will likely find welcome with those early readers who have gained a bit of proficiency.

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