Author Events

This page lists author book signings and events for Denise Ditto, author of “Batina’s Best First Day,” a children’s book about tooth fairies.

Event Information:

  • Sun

    Book Launch - "Home from Decay Valley"

    2:00 - 4:30Children's Museum of Houston, 1500 Binz, Houston, TX

    Author Denise Ditto announces the launch of her second book, "The Tooth Collector Fairies: Home from Decay Valley" on May 27th beginning at 3:15 pm. at the Children's Museum of Houston located at 1500 Binz, Houston, TX.    Prior to the launch, the Owen Theater C.KIDZ Theatre School will perform Denise's first book, "Batina's Best First Day" - the Musical beginning at 2:00 pm.