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The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day


Batina Advertising OpportunitiesDenise Ditto’s debut book, “The Tooth Collector Fairies: Batina’s Best First Day” is available to YOU in paperback, to be purchased in bulk at a discounted rate, and to be used as an advertising tool in Your practice. You ask, “What is Batina’s Best First Day?” It is a book that encourages children to brush their teeth. Here’s how … Currently, when a child loses a tooth they are rewarded with money under their pillow. What’s missing here? A mere token placed under the pillow pays a child for losing a tooth whether they brush their teeth or not. This book offers them a greater reward suggesting that a well-brushed tooth makes fairy dust! Without a well-brushed tooth fairies can’t fly! But wait -There’s more! In addition to the book encouraging children to brush their teeth, it also teaches the importance of teamwork & persistence when faced with adversity. Do you want to know more – read below:

What offering this book to YOUR patients will do FOR YOU:

  • Embed your advertising in the back of the book making it your own.

Having YOUR advertisement in the back of the book will provide a constant visual each time the parent reads the book to their child. It can be embedded for an extra charge or you can put an advertisement for your practice on a label and place in the back. Using the label method will allow you to change your message and allows you to personalize for each patient.

  • Promote healthy dental practices in small children.

Children currently have the notion that they can lose a tooth and put it under their pillow for a reward the next morning with no requirement to brush. This book, provided by YOU, will give them a greater incentive to strive toward because: A well-brushed tooth makes fairy dust the very dust that enables tooth fairies to fly. Without it, fairies will not be able to pick up lost teeth.

  • Promote literacy in children.

Tackle two issues with one book! Why not join parents and educators in promoting language and early literacy development through reading, with a book that also encourages healthy dental practices provided by YOU.

  • Build positive relationship with parents.

YOU offering this book to a child will send the message to parents that YOU are interested in their child’s overall health and well-being.

  • Increase exposure to increase referrals

Word of mouth about this great gift among your clients will increase referrals for YOU!

  • Holiday Gift Giving.

Order now and make this holiday season a special one by giving an exceptional gift to your clients from YOU.

Dentist Program

If YOU are interested in learning more about this awesome opportunity email ME at or contact me at 713-824-3105. Thanking you in advance, Denise Ditto

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