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Batina’s Best First Day is a children’s chapter book about persistence, friendship and teamwork that has been adapted into a musical.

It is ideally performed by children between the ages of 7 – 14.

The musical is perfect for schools, community theaters, churches, and professional theaters. This fun-filled, original show performed by children will keep your audience thoroughly engaged. There are six original songs, which includes “Fairy Teamwork.”

Performance Package: $300

Includes: 12 scripts, 1 CD with rehearsal and performance tracts, 1 copy of sheet music (piano/guitar), and 2 Performance

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Synopsis – In the magical land of Brushelot, it is Batina’s first day collecting teeth. She is determined that her humongous wings will not interfere with her mission, but on her way back home, tooth secure in her pouch, her oversized wings cause her to tumble, and the tooth gets lost. Batina must call on her best friends, Lainey and little Lulu to work together to save the day.

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